Friday, April 30, 2010


I wish I could travel, travel, travel, travel to places near and far and get paid to do it. This is THE ultimate job-for me and about a million other people in the world!!! Seeing that there are so many people that have the same dream as me, chances of it actually happening are very, very slim methinks. So I have decided the next best thing is for me to travel as much as I can, when I have the resources and the time.
 I wasn’t always interesting in traveling all over India and the world, to explore new places and cultures, though I do suspect the travel bug was lurking around somewhere, just waiting to bite. And it finally bit me when I was around 15 years old when my aunt decided to take me to Goa on a holiday. I still remember the trip in detail because it was the beginning of my passion for travel. We explored Goa as much as we could in the week we were there, taking local buses to remote places and tiny villages, wandering around in the flea markets, renting a bike and just riding around enjoying the countryside, visiting the churches and the best known cafes that we looked up in our Lonely Planet book which was our Bible on that trip. After that trip all I could think about was traveling to places and I began to read up on India and dreamt of how I would become this famous travel writer someday.
6 years later, I realize I still haven’t done much traveling but the restraint of being too young to wander off on my own (my parents have a say since they are the ones who generously fund my trips) is working against me at the moment. The good thing is that I am still passionate about traveling and I know there will come a time (I fervently hope!) when I have enough resources at my disposal to make all the trips I want to.  Till then I will keep reading my ‘Outlook Travellers’, ‘Lonely Planets’, various friends’ blogs and make the small trips I can afford to make.


Payal said...

hey neens..:) its really nice..:) u should write more often..:)

Nina:) said...

Thanks Payal:):)I hope i can keep this up and write at least once a week:)