Friday, January 14, 2011


If there is one thing I am absolutely terrified of, it is crossing a busy road. Ever since I can remember, I hated crossing the road. Growing up, I couldn’t cross a busy road without having someone actually drag me across. I am sure my younger brother can recall hundreds of instances where he has patiently waited for the traffic to completely stop until he dragged me across the road.
Things have changed since then and I no longer need somebody to hold my hand when I cross the road as I live in the city now and every other road is a busy road! But, I do admit when I am on my own, I take forever to cross the road if it’s a road with no traffic lights. If the road has traffic lights, I wait patiently until the signal turns from green to red and then run across the road like my life depends on reaching the other side in less than two seconds. Even though I know the signal stays red for a while, I am petrified that by some freak accident the signal will turn to green just as I start crossing the road and a car runs me over!!
I am only getting better and better at crossing roads the longer I stay in the city and even weave in and out of traffic once in a while, when I am feeling especially courageous. I am sure a day will come, not too long from now, when I will calmly walk across the road as the signal turns red, thoughts of the weather and other little nothings running through my head instead of wondering if a car is going to come shooting out of nowhere and take me down!!


Ragamalika said...

Hahaha... yep! The day will come when our wee wittle Nina'll grow up into the woman who crosses the road like it's as simple as breathing :) Maybe that day I'll start trying not to run and hide behind the nearest person when I see a dog. Not a big one mind you!

Nina C said...

Ahahahaha, will that day ever come I wonder Raga.