Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love coffee! It is that one thing that I will never say no to, even if I have had ten cups of coffee that day.
The funny thing is, I was never much of a coffee person, I drank coffee once in a while but didn’t care much for it. This changed when I went to college and discovered the wonders of an amazing cup of coffee. I went from not caring much about coffee to loving it with an intense passion. And my love for coffee has only grown in the past couple of years.
In college, my group of friends loved coffee as much as I did and we all loved sitting around and drinking cup after cup of coffee and did some serious bonding over it too. Many, many memories have been made over millions of cups of coffee during college.
A couple of years have passed since college but I still cannot do without a stipulated dose of caffeine a day. I end up getting headaches by evening, if I haven’t had even one cup of coffee that day (though my mother swears it’s psychological and has nothing to do with caffeine).   
Just about the time I started getting really addicted and even obsessed with coffee is when I realized that every movie that I watched had the actor picking up a mug of takeaway coffee from Starbucks on their way to work/meet friends or wherever else they were headed. And since I watch a lot of movies and tend to notice weird things in them like the coffee from Starbucks, I began this obsession of wanting to drink a nice hot mug of coffee from Starbucks one day (India doesn’t have a Starbucks, though I did hear they are planning to open one in Mumbai soon).
I think I may have mentioned this quirk of mine to my good friends, more than a few times and imagine my surprise when my friend who studies in London sent me a Starbucks coffee mug when she came down to India for the holidays. I knew she was sending me a package but didn’t know the mug was in there till I saw it, and I was thrilled! Sadly, the mug didn’t withstand all the travelling and the bottom broke by the time it reached me, but that didn’t make me any less excited. There I was standing in my living room, holding a Starbucks coffee mug in my hand and it was absolutely the next best thing to actually having a mug of coffee from there.
 I loved that my friend remembered the little things I told her about and actually did something as nice as send me that mug. So, the first time I drink a cup of coffee from Starbucks, I want to drink it with her since I also have to persuade her to buy me another mug from there so I can drink out of it every day!!
Coffee and friends- two of the many important things that make the world go around for me, obsessions and everything else aside. 

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ruchika said...

So true..Coffee talk is something that made college years even more memorable..:) That wonderful feeling of not having to worry about too much in the world and yapping away to glory! ah, Golden days!

P.S I will get you a Starbucks mug as soon as I can!! :* :)